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1872/73 Moordorf

Old farm house, Moordorf

In the years of 1872/73 they moved from Westermoor to Moordorf. The picture above shows the old farm house, were the kids grew up. Christian Johann gets now a “Grosskätner”. So for his first time he owns some ground and a croft.



Moordorf Area

The were established on moor and in the near of the peat, so they not farming so much, they make the money with the peat. The peat was brought to city of Itzehoe and sold there,  but they get their money a year later!! It’s also told that the farm had in old times only a couple of animals like cows, chickens and pigs, and only one or two horses.

(actually our Wilhelm Brockmann is mayor of Moordorf)


I think at that time, the house looked like a little bit different, and the stables around didn’t exist at that time.



Christian Johann I.                   : about 70 y.o.

Christian Johann II.                  : 36 y.o.

Maria                                      : 31 y.o.                      

1. Henry (Hinrich)                     :   9 y.o.

2. Chris (Christian)                   :   6 y.o.

3. Heinrich                               :   3 y.o.

4. Claus                                   :   1 y.o.