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Brockmann family discord 1792/93

Foliant(file) 462

Wwe Cathrina Brockmann & Consorten (I like that word Consorten, because we useit nowadays for associate small criminals!) vid Johann Christian Brockmann


Widow Cathrina Brockmann & Co vs Johann Christian Brockmann


Marx Kroeger from Ulzburg trustee of diseased Widower Härder from Hornberg Gut Kaden

(Step)son Claus Brockmann and son in law shoemaker Casper Backhus (husband of Catharina Brockmann sister of Claus and Johann Christian),  Bramstedt





JohannChristian Brockmann from Hornberg Gut Kaden


Complainantsays: Claus Brockmann (grandfather of our Johann Christian Brockmann)  invited by his mother last saturday (to herhome) and was called to her "deathroom - widowroom or something like this,a room to say goodbye" to remember him about

hisarrears. So he got in rage about that, spoke unmannerly and strike a bowl downand also Claus Brockmanns  stick  (the head of that, made probably ofPorzellan, a special stick in old times - cost some money - ) and spoke

in waythat something more will happen. My plead is to punish him and bring back to abetter behavior. 

Defendant:  At all the I made the violence but I wasbecause of the bad behavior of my Brother Claus Brockmann, their was now badintend and at all my Brother has the arrears to old Backhus (not me), and Itold him not to ask me ask him and told him to leave my home.

judgement:One hour prinson (yes that right, one hour!) and a serious caution for thefurture, also Claus Brockmann is forbidden in the next time to spent time withhis Mother! or anything else that demands trespass.

Overthat both sides should make recommendations to bring  back familypeace within one week.


Becauseof urgent beg pardon of complainant Johann Christian Brockmann has insteadof  prisontime to pay 2 Mark and....???  and better beahaviour in thefuture  and at last replaceable ClausBrockmanns stick.