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1879 Moordorf

 26. Juni 1879 Birth of Margareta aka“Greta”

Next girl born on the Brockmann Farm.


3. August 1879 Baptism


1. Margaretha Brockmann, Horst (??? Probably  wife of Johann Brockmann or a daughter of Claus)

2. Caecilia Biber, Hamburg (!!!)

3.  Julius Arnold, Hamburg (!!!)


The godfathers came from Hamburg!

Henry is now 15 y.o. old and probably start his learning years as a carpenter. I think he start  first to be a carpenter and then became a miller. In his ship records his profession was miller, so he wasn’t working at the year of his immigration as a carpenter. He worked probably for some related family members. The Suhr Family  (His greatgrandmother was a born Suhr) were for generations Carpenters, some greatuncle of the Suhr and also of the related Grell family worked as a carpenter. He was for Hinrich Grell (His brothers son worked as a Carpenter) the first grandchild and the first boy in his family, so probably he intend him to become a Carpenter. I also think that Hinrich Grell spend some money for the ship passage.



Probably he worked sometimes as carpenter for the big “Kaiser Mill” and than became a miller there by this connection. So that may be also the reason, why he was able to build the mills in Nebraska area. Beside that all the kids were working on the Brockmanns farm. 



Christian Johann I.                   : 77 y.o.

Christian Johann II.                  : 43 y.o.

Maria                                      : 38 y.o.                      

1. Henry (Hinrich)                    : 15 y.o.

2. Chris (Christian)                  : 13 y.o.

3. Heinrich                               : 10 y.o.

4. Claus                                   :   8 y.o.

5. Maria                                  :   5 y.o.

6. Christine                              :   4 y.o.

7. Greta                                   :   0 y.o