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Year 1864

Wedding record

Henry birth record

Henry and his Mom

3. Jan  Wedding of Christian Johann II. (named in the Text only Christian II.) and Maria Mehrens

The lived in Westermoor, probably in the home of  Maria Mehrens parents.


Christian Johann II. was at that time a “Dienstknecht” = “farm labourer” in Kronsmoor and Maria Mehrens was a “Dienstmagd” = “maidservant” in Westermoor, so probably they got in contact by work and felt in love. 


Family of Maria Mehrens (Carpenter and Music)

Her parents were Hinrich Mehrens and Christina Grell.

The mother of her was Margaretha Grell nee Suhr. The Suhr family was a old carpenter family.

The grandfather Hinrich Suhr, his brother Paul Suhr and greatgrandfahter Matthies Suhr of Maria Mehrens were Carpenters (also the further generations).  This probably the reason why Henry Brockman worked in this business. There was always the question how the music influence and talent came into the Brockmann family, the answer is probably that the father of her greatgrandma Catharina Dorothea Suhr nee Tietjen was the organist of the lutheran church of  Breitenberg.


Chruch Breitenberg (1768 -)

In this church our 6th great grandfather Hans Tietjen (1728-1800) was one of the first organist there.


9. June  Birth of Henry (first son)

Henry was the first known Brockmann of our family, who immigrated to the USA. He worked as a carpenter and miller in Germany. He worked at the Kaisermühle in Wittenberg, together with a boy named Marcus Kröger. Probably in his youth he was thinking about immigration, like so many other young germans. There is a oral history told, that Henry and another guy (probably Marcus Kröger) shot in the lutheran church of Breitenberg with a gun around. So than it was time for them to leave and got to America. We think it wasn’t the reason but it was the…. to go. The picture shows probably Henry as a kid with his mother.


Christian Johann II. is at that time a Inster/Arbeitsmann there. = So he lived on a farm without own land and house  = tenant farmer. He was paid by food, some small money and lodging.


10. Juli Baptism of Henry


1. Andreas Biber, Lohbarbek (Is worth to know, that we find this family in my grandma side in the family tree.)

2. Christian Brockmann (I.), Bramstedt (his Grandpa)

3. Carsten Witt, Breitenberg