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Year 1883

Marcus Kroeger, in young years, Cleveland, 1884/85 (Click)

Henry Brockmann, in young years, Chicago, 1884/85 (Click)

Marcus Kroeger and Henry Brockmann, 1894/95 (Click)

P.Caland (Click)

Around that year Christian Johann I.died, he was buried in Bramstedt.


Emigration of Henry together with Marcus Kröger

He emigrated 22 Mar 1883 (day of the first birthday of his youngest brother Wilhelm)


The route of ship:

Indirect : Hamburg - Amsterdam - New York, Passenger 309,Ship: P. Caland,New York USA


He arrived after a journey of 22 days, 12 Apr 1883, in Castel Garden New York. There he stays for a while, working there as a carpenter and attended a night school.


Marcus Kröger (born in Moordieck)

Son of Hans Kröger (Inster and labourer) & Margaretha Lohse (A relative of the Lohse Family later marriaged Hinrich Brockmann, Hinrichs godfather was Henry Brockman!)


Marcus is listed in at death records of his in the Breitenberger Churchbook of 1886 as kid #3 living in Bakerfield, Nebraska.

He changed his name from Kröger to Kroger. He later marriage a Minnie Lerner, he had several kids. One was Frank Kroger, postmaster in Wayne.