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1871 Westermoor

Christian I. and Maria (oldest family pic). Click to enlarge!

27. Feb Birth of Claus (fourth son)

Claus moved also to US. He worked also as a farmboy. With just 16 years he was the youngst immigrant of the Brockmann family.

In the first years in the US he probably worked in the saloon of his brothers. After the saloon burnt down in 1893 he leaved Nebraska and moved to California. He never contact his brother again, so the brother were thinking that Claus was killed in the earthquake 1907 in San Fransisco. In Germany it was told that Claus work on ostrich farm.


Actually I found Claus in the Census of 1920 and 1930 living in San Bernardino by his own.


The picture on the right is the oldest picture in the Brockmann family, it shows probably Henry, Chris or Chris and Claus as little kids, on the young family of Christian II. It was taken in Bramstedt, at the photo atelier of H. Kruse.


Christian Johann is now listed as a Kätner (crofter), so they now no longer lived as a lodger of in the house of the farmer owner. They rented now a “croft” on the farm (but they didn’t own it) and had a small garden for food like potatoes.


16. April Baptism of Claus


1. Claus Brockmann, Elmshorn (his uncle)

2. Friedrich Grell, Kellinghusen

3. Margaretha Mehrens, Kellinghusen (his aunt)