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Brockman Saloon

Henry, Claus and Chris, Brockman Saloon. Click to enlarge.

Stories about the fire in the Brockman Saloon

Thanks to Conny Wilson (nee Brockman) for typing this long text:



Avoca Post Office When Postmaster Tefft purchased his farm three miles east of Avoca in 1864 he used one drawer in his dresser for postal business. Residents of the Avoca area had to go there, usually on horseback, to pick up their mail, buy stamps, etc.

When the townsite was moved to its present location the post office once was located on the site of the first west building on the north sie of main street now standing (first site is the vacant lot where Ruhge's Grocery Store was located.)

The Weeping Water Republican reported on March 2, 1893 that the Brockman Brother's saloon was destroyed in a fire along with the Post office building which adjoined each other. F. W. Ruhge's saloon (Familytree) was saved only by hard work and lots of water. F. W. Ruhge's saloon (Census)was located on the corner and the post office and saloon were to the east, b y the net week the Republican reported the post office was temporarily located in the bank building (Bank of Avoca) until further arrangements could be made.




BrockmanBrothers: Henry Brockman and his brother, Christian, had a saloon form 1891 (?) to 1893 when it was destroyed by fire. Nehawka Register, March 3, 1893.

Henry Brockman: Carpenter from 1893-1903. After the saloon that Henry and his brother, Christian, owned was destroyed in a fire in 1893, Henry bought the lot west where the post office had been and then bought out his brother. He erected a two-story brick building with a 44 foot iron front. The greater portion of the building was to be used for a hotel. This is the present building west of the west addition of the Farmers State Bank which later was used for places of business. Weeping Water Republican.


Weeping Water Republican, March 2, 1893


Page 2 - Saloon Fire

Nehawka Register, March 3, 1893, P.1, C. 6



Fire At Avoca


About three o'clock Wednesday morning a fire broke out in Brockman Bros. saloon at Avoca completely destroying building and stock.

This would not have been a very great calamity perhaps, as there was no doubt sufficient insurance to cover the loss or nearly so, but the fire did not stop there, but spread, taking in the Post Office building which stood not far from the saloon.

Here the entire contents were destroyed and stamps, and no insurance.

Not only will this occasion the post mistress much personal loss but will cause her a great deal of extra work and annoyance.


Page 3 - Saloon Fire

Weekly News Herald, Plattsmouth, March 9, 1893, p. 4, c.3


The Avoca postoffice and a saloon adjourning it was destroyed by fire this morning. Nothing was saved from either building. The loss at this writing is not known, and the origin of the fire is still a mystery. The fire started about 3 a.m.


Weeping Water Republican March 9, 1893


Brockman Bros. opened up their saloon in F. G. Miller's building the next day after the fire.

Page 4 - Saloon Fire


Chris and Freda

Brockman sold his part of the lot to Henry on March 25, 1893 to Henry for $70.00. Henry Brockman purchased 1/3 of Lot #6 March 23, 1893 for $120.00.


The next record of land purchase is in Gosper Co, Nebraska for 160 acres on June 12, 1893. It is on the county line with Phelps Co. near Bertrand in southwestern Nebraska. There was a mortgage for $1100.00. The land had ponds on it and is now owned by the government and is a wildlife refuge. He sold this land for $1.00 and other considerations July, 1911 to a man from Loup Co. This is about the time Chris moved to Loup Co. so this might have been a trade.